9th World Xiangqi Championships

Paris, 31st July to 6th August, 2005

The most valuable source about the WXC undoubtedly is the official tournament site hosted by the Asian Xiangqi Federation and maintained by Felix Tan
Here you can find a list of contestants, the results of the single rounds, an hounors roll with the price winners, and all the games

But there are other resources who try to cover the first WXC in Europe:

Jean-Marie Chauvet maintains the website of the hosting French XQ-Association: Le Bréviaire du Xiangqi
Claus Tempelmann has posted live(ly) reports about every round in the Discussion Forum of the DXB/EXF
The XQ-Newsgroup has a lot of comments, reports and games about the WXC from various contributors
Pictures have been published by Jean-Marie Chauvet, Felix Tan, Claus Tempelmann and Christoph Harder

Finally some chinese links which showed up in my logfiles:
A blog entry with links to the sources above and to a chinese sports site, which shows some pictures
And yet another news site, which has an interesting picture, which makes me famous, and which has an even prettier crosstable

The Ingo-Ratings in the crosstables below are taken from the official WXC Rating Results provided by Siegfried Huber
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Men's Division

Final standings after 11 rounds

Rank Player Team Ingo 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Points Buchholz
1. Lü Qin China 12 58B1 15R1 2R0 25B1 37R1 8B1 16R1 4B½ 3R1 9B1 6R½ 9 75½
2. Lei Kam Fun China Macau 46 6R1 56R1 1B1 3B0 20R½ 27B1 14R½ 17R1 5B1 4R1 9B½ 77
3. Nguyen Vu Quan Vietnam 38 33B1 40R1 18B1 2R1 29R1 4B0 5B1 9R½ 1B0 7R½ 14B1 8 77½
4. Liu Dian Zhong China 23 70B1 57B1 25R1 34R1 5B½ 3R1 9B½ 1R½ 6R1 2B0 7B½ 8 71½
5. Wu Kui Lin Chinese Taipei 23 41B1 21R1 12B1 17R1 4R½ 14B½ 3R0 15B1 2R0 6B½ 16R1 76½
6. Lee Michael USA West 62 2B0 36B1 23R1 40R½ 42B1 29R1 7B1 12R1 4B0 5R½ 1B½ 75½
7. Trenh A Sang Vietnam 43 48B1 18R½ 8B0 44R1 51B1 20R1 6R0 10B1 11R1 3B½ 4R½ 73½
8. Hor Weng Yeow Malaysia West 52 15R½ 24B1 7R1 16B½ 31R1 1R0 12B0 26B1 36R½ 19B1 18R1 73
9. Chiu Yu Kuen China Hong Kong 30 25R0 65B1 33R1 35B1 26R1 12B1 4R½ 3B½ 31B1 1R0 2R½ 72½
10. Gao Wei Xuan USA East 58 52R1 22B1 16R½ 37B½ 14B0 41R½ 34B1 7R0 42B1 31R1 15B1 64½
11. Juan Ming Chao Chinese Taipei 60 63B1 34B0 52R1 22R0 33B1 32R1 35B1 14R½ 7B0 24R1 17B1 63½
12. Lai Han Soon Singapore 89 47R1 20B1 5R0 38B1 22B1 9R0 8R1 6B0 18R0 25B1 28R1 7 72
13. Ji Zhong Qi USA East 44 38R1 25B0 62R1 31B0 36R1 26B1 15R0 23B1 16R0 33B1 30B1 7 63
14. Lu George Australia 75 28R½ 27B½ 19R1 42B1 10R1 5R½ 2B½ 11B½ 15R0 36B1 3R0 74½
15. Ng Jun Ming Singapore 52 8B½ 1B0 55R1 18R1 40B1 17R½ 13B1 5R0 14B1 16B½ 10R0 74
16. Ng Chun Hei China Hong Kong 49 53B1 30R1 10B½ 8R½ 17B½ 34R1 1B0 28R½ 13B1 15R½ 5B0 73½
17. Chong Heung Ming Philippines 49 23R1 26B1 31R1 5B0 16R½ 15B½ 19R1 2B0 32R1 18B½ 11R0 73
18. Dang Nicolas France 51 32B1 7B½ 3R0 15B0 39R1 51R1 29B½ 21R1 12B1 17R½ 8B0 71
19. Zhang Zhang Germany 97 21B0 32R1 14B0 52B1 25R1 22R1 17B0 29R1 28B½ 8R0 41B1 66½
20. Zheng Xi Ming Canada East 64 39B1 12R0 61B1 41R1 2B½ 7B0 31R0 40R1 27B½ 21R½ 32B1 66
21. Ling Lee Kiong Malaysia East 95 19R1 5B0 57R1 27B0 43R½ 56R1 30B½ 18B0 34R1 20B½ 36R1 63
22. Lau Kei Cheong Canada West   68R1 10R0 56B1 11B1 12R0 19B0 26R0 66B1 23R½ 43B1 39R1 62
23. Woo Wei Cheung France 48 17B0 49R1 6B0 30R0 54B1 64R1 56B1 13R0 22B½ 45R1 31B1 61
24. Tan Shao Yi USA West 94 27R½ 8R0 46B0 67B1 28R0 50B1 57R1 51B1 38R1 11B0 35R1 59½
25. Kong Vong France 66 9B1 13R1 4B0 1R0 19B0 45R1 32B0 56R1 41B1 12R0 40B1 6 69½
26. Kon Island China Hong Kong 120 43B1 17R0 30B1 46R1 9B0 13R0 22B1 8R0 45B½ 51R1 27B½ 6 66½
27. Ting Tung Ing Malaysia East 73 24B½ 14R½ 58B1 21R1 34B½ 2R0 38R½ 32B½ 20R½ 35B½ 26R½ 6 66½
28. Hong Jackson Philippines 82 14B½ 59B1 29R0 32R0 24B1 40R1 37B1 16B½ 19R½ 30R½ 12B0 6 65
29. Ye Rong Guang Holland 76 50R1 44R½ 28B1 51R1 3B0 6B0 18R½ 19B0 35R0 49B1 42R1 6 64½
30. Yan Andrew Australia 69 35R1 16B0 26R0 23B1 62R1 31B½ 21R½ 38B½ 43R1 28B½ 13R0 6 63½
31. Gok U Long China Macau 74 45B1 66R1 17B0 13R1 8B0 30R½ 20B1 43B1 9R0 10B0 23R0 68½
32. Cheung Wing On Holland 85 18R0 19B0 53R1 28B1 50R1 11B0 25R1 27R½ 17B0 38B1 20R0 66½
33. Low Boon Ngee Malaysia West   3R0 48R1 9B0 66B1 11R0 47B1 36R0 37B1 44R1 13R0 34B½ 65
34. He Zhi Min Italy 92 69B1 11R1 42R1 4B0 27R½ 16B0 10R0 35R½ 21B0 52B1 33R½ 65
35. Fung Stephen Canada East 75 30B0 45R1 54B1 9R0 64B1 37R½ 11R0 34B½ 29B1 27R½ 24B0 63½
36. Chen Fa Zuo United Kingdom 91 51B0 6R0 49B1 48R1 13B0 69R1 33B1 42R1 8B½ 14R0 21B0 62½
37. Leung Victor Canada West   46R1 51R½ 44B1 10R½ 1B0 35B½ 28R0 33R0 62B1 39B0 53R1 61½
38. Nägler Michael Germany 112 13B0 68R1 69B1 12R0 46B½ 44R1 27B½ 30R½ 24B0 32R0 51B1 58
39. Dekker Alain United Kingdom   20R0 47B0 59R½ 55B1 18B0 63R0 54B1 57R1 58B1 37R1 22B0 54½
40. Shoshi Kazuharu Japan 108 49R1 3B0 47R1 6B½ 15R0 28B0 46R1 20B0 52R½ 44B1 25R0 5 65
41. Yang Choun Myint Myanmar 107 5R0 53R1 66B1 20B0 47R1 10B½ 43R0 44B½ 25R0 50B1 19R0 5 62
42. Schmidt-Brauns Joachim Germany 131 64B1 54R1 34B0 14R0 6R0 66B1 62R1 36B0 10R0 48B1 29B0 5 58½
43. Eik Yu Myanmar   26R0 62B0 63B1 58R1 21B½ 46R1 41B1 31R0 30B0 22R0 52R½ 5 56
44. Tessen Jörn Germany 144 62R1 29B½ 37R0 7B0 61R1 38B0 60B1 41R½ 33B0 40R0 63B1 5 55
45. Bin Bakri Anuar Malaysia West 147 31R0 35B0 67R1 62B0 52R1 25B0 50R1 64B1 26R½ 23B0 46R½ 5 54
46. Knab Reinhard Germany 167 37B0 63R1 24R1 26B0 38R½ 43B0 40B0 60R½ 57B½ 62R1 45B½ 5 53½
47. Yokoyama Eiichi Japan 203 12B0 39R1 40B0 60R1 41B0 33R0 69B½ 63R½ 56B0 61R1 59B1 5 50
48. Rämö Jouni Finland 155 7R0 33B0 65R1 36B0 59R1 62B0 58B0 67R1 60B1 42R0 56B1 5 49½
49. Ng Yip Shing Canada Central   40B0 23B0 36R0 63R½ 65B1 52B½ 64R0 59R1 66B1 29R0 58B1 5 49½
50. Lin Sen Rong Austria 154 29B0 52B0 70R1 54R1 32B0 24R0 45B0 65R1 63B1 41R0 57R1 5 48½
51. Greeuw Gert Holland 137 36R1 37B½ 60R1 29B0 7R0 18B0 63B1 24R0 64R1 26B0 38R0 60
52. Sung Peter Canada Central 82 10B0 50R1 11B0 19R0 45B0 49R½ 53B1 69R1 40B½ 34R0 43B½ 59
53. Gollmar Bastian Germany 139 16R0 41B0 32B0 65R½ 69B0 70R1 52R0 55B1 54B1 56R1 37B0 46½
54. Tolonen Jouni Finland 147 67R1 42B0 35R0 50B0 23R0 59B½ 39R0 68B1 53R0 70B1 65R1 46
55. Moullier Igor France 197 59R½ 61R0 15B0 39R0 63B0 65B0 70R1 53R0 67B1 68B1 64R1 41½
56. La Khan Hoa United Kingdom 125 65R1 2B0 22R0 59B1 57R1 21B0 23R0 25B0 47R1 53B0 48R0 4 60
57. De Leeuw Arnout Holland 203 61B1 4R0 21B0 69R1 56B0 60R½ 24B0 39B0 46R½ 66R1 50B0 4 54½
58. Guberti Agostino Italy 169 1R0 67B1 27R0 43B0 66R0 61B1 48R1 62B½ 39R0 65B½ 49R0 4 53
59. Wood Peter United Kingdom 202 55B½ 28R0 39B½ 56R0 48B0 54R½ 65R½ 49B0 69B1 60R1 47R0 4 49½
60. Gregus Laslo Hungary 191 66R0 64R1 51B0 47B0 68R1 57B½ 44R0 46B½ 48R0 59B0 67R1 4 45½
61. Yamada Hirohide Japan 227 57R0 55B1 20R0 64B0 44B0 58R0 67R0 70B1 68R1 47B0 62R1 4 42½
62. Trombettoni Andrea Italy 152 44B0 43R1 13B0 45R1 30B0 48R1 42B0 58R½ 37R0 46B0 61B0 56½
63. Tanaka Atushi Japan 175 11R0 46B0 43R0 49B½ 55R1 39B1 51R0 47B½ 50R0 64B½ 44R0 55½
64. Reinders Rudolf United Kingdom 184 42R0 60B0 68B1 61R1 35R0 23B0 49B1 45R0 51B0 63R½ 55B0 50½
65. Atlan Olivier France   56B0 9R0 48B0 53B½ 49R0 55R1 59B½ 50B0 70R1 58R½ 54B0 48½
66. Vaara Arto Finland 222 60B1 31B0 41R0 33R0 58B1 42R0 68B1 22R0 49R0 57B0 70R½ 48
67. Geremy Xavier France   54B0 58R0 45B0 24R0 70B1 68R0 61B1 48B0 55R0 69R1 60B0 3 43½
68. Escoffier Luc France 205 22B0 38B0 64R0 70R1 60B0 67B1 66R0 54R0 61B0 55R0 69B1 3 42
69. MacGregor Angus Australia   34R0 70B1 38R0 57B0 53R1 36B0 47R½ 52B0 59R0 67B0 68R0 45
70. Sirci Gian Luca Italy 165 4R0 69R0 50B0 68B0 67R0 53B0 55B0 61R0 65B0 54R0 66B½ ½ 46

Men's Division

Team ranking

Rank Team Sum of Ranks Ranks
1. China 5 1./4.
2. Vietnam 10 3./7.
3. Chinese Taipei 16 5./11.
4. USA East 23 10./13.
5. China Hong Kong 25 9./16.
6. Singapore 27 12./15.
7. USA West 30 6./24.
8. China Macau 33 2./31.
9. Malaysia West 41 8./33.
10. France 41 18./23.
11. Australia 44 14./30.
12. Philippines 45 17./28.
13. Malaysia East 48 21./27.
14. Canada East 55 20./35.
15. Germany 57 19./38.
16. Canada West 59 22./37.
17. Holland 61 29./32.
18. Myanmar 84 41./43.
19. United Kingdom 92 36./56.
20. Canada Central 101 49./52.
21. Finland 102 48./54.
22. Japan 103 40./63.

Women's Division

Final standings after 7 rounds

Rank Player Team Ingo 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Points Buchholz
1. Guo Li Ping China 59 2B½ 14R1 7B1 5R1 3R1 4B1 6B½ 6 27½
2. Gao Yi Ping Chinese Taipei 62 1R½ 10R1 3B1 4B1 8R1 5B0 7R1 30½
3. Huang Yu Ying Canada East 56 6B1 7B1 2R0 12R1 1B0 9R1 5R1 5 28½
4. Chang Diana Hong Australia 86 10B1 9R1 5B½ 2R0 6B1 1R0 11B1 29½
5. Ngo Lan Huong Vietnam 90 14R1 8B1 4R½ 1B0 11R1 2R1 3B0 27½
6. Yin Anna USA West   3R0 11R1 9B1 8B½ 4R0 12B1 1R½ 4 26½
7. Teo Gui Min Malaysia West   12B1 3R0 1R0 9B½ 13R1 8B1 2B0 26
8. Soh Ying Ying Singapore 123 11B1 5R0 12B1 6R½ 2B0 7R0 13B1 22½
9. Thien Fui Chuen Malaysia East 158 13R1 4B0 6R0 7R½ 10B1 3B0 14R1 22
10. Wu Cai Fang United Kingdom 191 4R0 2B0 13R1 11B½ 9R0 14B1 12B1 19
11. Walta Paivi Finland   8R0 6B0 14B1 10R½ 5B0 13R1 4R0 21½
12. Lavallade Carine France 223 7R0 13B1 8R0 3B0 14B½ 6R0 10R0 21
13. Maja Nicoleta Laura Italy   9B0 12R0 10B0 14R1 7B0 11B0 8R0 1 18½
14. Schmidt Lea Germany 221 5B0 1B0 11R0 13B0 12R½ 10R0 9B0 ½ 22½